6 The Trends of Home Architecture Style in 2020

Talking about the trends of home architecture style in 2020 is not only about modern homes. People still love the way the classic lines standing strong. In this modern world, a home does not only hold one certain style. They can combine some and create something new and different.

For giving you some references, these following trends may suit to your future home:

1. The Smart Home

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We could not resist the existence of technology around us. At home, you simply should install the wireless stuffs.

2. The Flex Design

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More modern we are, more functional things we want. It happens to our home sweet home. The old home designers might apply similar design for the whole thing in the home. On the contrary, the modern designers refuse them. They believe that every family has their own uniqueness and needs, so the designs of a home should follow them. For example, by applying the different wallpaper color for different floor, creating the working space near the mini garden, creating the barbeque spot near the mini garden, etc. Everything is created as flexible as possible.

3. Smaller Size

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Long time ago, the larger home is the better. People tend to consider the wealthy might follow how much square footage they could have. Besides, the price of land and the availability was still inexpensive. In 2020, people seem happier choosing the smaller homes. As they need to mobile very often and don’t have much time to take care of the big house. Smaller home needs less and cheaper maintenance.

4. Segmented Space

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The last 10 years home architecture style has opted the open concept without using walls. The sunken rooms with high ceilings are defining the beauty of open concept itself.

5. The Outdoor Living Space

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Most modern architects design the outdoor space as much as the indoor. This is a realization that living outdoor is also important for health mentally and physically; and being in the outdoor without extending the square footage. Most popular outdoor living spaces are the outdoor playground, mini swimming pool, mini garden, etc.

6. Modern Farmhouse

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If we remember, the previous years were the trend for farmhouse. In this 2020, the modern farmhouse appears to bring back the warmth and comfortable feeling to the table but without becoming kitschy and cluttered.

From above elements, you may take one or two to apply. Because everyone has different taste to be painted to their home.



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