7 Super Easy Ideas for Korean Fashion Style

Korean fashion has been conquering the world along with their beauty and music. The impeccable and easy to mix style makes Korean fashion becoming more popular for recent. Wearing this style is believed to create younger and feminine look.

Here are some super easy ideas to follow:

1. Over-sized Cardigans

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Shout out to Korean girls who are success creating this Grandma thing becomes a boom in the modern world. This over-sized cardigan adds the comfortable and casual look. Besides, it functionally works to keep your body warm. This cardigan thing is something you cannot deny, especially in the winter.

2. Sneakers and The Ankle Socks

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Not only Korean, most Asian girls wear these pairs. At first, you may think it is weird but it becomes more familiar on another glance.

3. Brooches

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It can be functioned as additional accessories, such as pins, but in rather luxurious way. As long as you choose the modest and not-so-old one, you will get yourself darling as Korean girls. No, it is not about how expensive your brooches are but the timeless design of them that beautify your appearance.

4. Ruffled Tops

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This is perfect for you who have tall and slim body as it creates full yet intimidating effect. There are lots of choices to be paired with, such as jeans, pants, skirts, and sweaters. Korean girls are assumed as having porcelain skin tone and slim body. So, this ruffled top style fits perfectly.

5. Hair Accessories

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Don’t be afraid of wearing more than one accessory. One clip can be mixed and matched with others to create new design as well. Just look at how Korean artists wearing hair clips and becoming worldwide trend.

6. Aviator Framed Glass

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It is not Harry Potter who brings back this old style glasses but Koreans! It is the additional accessory to add statement to your whole look.

7. Dress Layering

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You can pair them with turtle necks, band tees, sweater, blouse and pants. The Korean fashion does not need color matching, so it is easy to wear something ready on your cabinets.

Don’t you know what makes Korean fashion being accepted around the world? It is due to they look very normal and stylish at the same time. The feminine and warmth clothes, innocent look and cheerful accessories are the keys. They are easy to adapt and suitable for everyone, including for Europeans and Americans. We don’t say the makeup itself. The drunk makeup style has been popular these days.

Applying the Korean fashion and makeup is effortless, but the result is super gorgeous.



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