8 Casual Fashion Style Spring/ Summer 2020

After the runway showcases are done, it is the time for the real street display. What has been displayed on the runway might be seen on the street as the trend, including the casual fashion style. This casual fashion style usually fits for daily in the Spring/ Summer.

So, here are the summary to keep your cabinet up to date:

1. Bike Shorts

Source: fashionjackson.com

This type of short is worn with the blazer. Okay, this is so casual and inappropriate for the office or even gym. Attending some casual events, such as Sunday brunch with friends, will be the most appropriate event wearing this kind of style. Would you try it this afternoon?

2. Animal Prints

Source: memorandum.com

The most favorite pattern among other animal print is the leopard print. Mostly types of garments use this pattern, such as the coats, pants, suits, dresses and so on. To make yourself a focal point among others, you should choose the strong and striking designs with bright colors. Besides, the animal prints are also great choice for shoes or bags.

3. Boiler Suits

Source: all-for-woman.com

This is originally designed as a protective garment for the manual labor. The change of meaning changes its function. It is no longer as the protective garment but as casual fashion style, which are available in variety of styles and colors.

4. The Lavender Tones, preferably the soft lavender tone

Source: Yandex.Collections

This feminine color sparks the lovely and stylish touch.

5. Puff Shoulders

Source: thestylestalker.com

This trend is happening for blouses and dresses. The 80’s lovers must be loving this style so much. But for petite people, they should be aware of their own body, such as combining the puff shoulder shirt with the shorts. It gives taller effect though.

6. Neo-Gothic

Source: in.pinterest.com

This year casual fashion style allows you to embrace your own dark side but make sure you add the touch of a chic twist to create a sexy touch.

7. Colored Tartan

Source: masha-sedgwick.com

This traditional prints are coming popular with the animal prints. The classic pattern will look great on the jacket, suit or pants. The characteristic colors are including blue, red, yellow and green.

8. Bucket Hats

Source: stylecaster.com

This is like coming back to the 90’s era where the bucket hats were everywhere in the streets. The youngsters were wearing them to look casual and cool while protecting their skin from the sun of summer. On this year, you are allowed to wear them together with the slouchy suits, dresses, overalls, and many others.



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