8 The Latest Fashionable Eyewear Trend

Back then, wearing glasses was such shameful. People was thinking that only nerds who wore glasses. But time goes by and the glasses become the fashionable yet coolest thing. Most of people wear them to look cool and hip, though they don’t have any issue nor eyeglass prescription.

Every year must rise the latest trend of fashionable and cool eyewear. It is not a must thing to follow as trends are created to boost your comfort ad confidence. If these two aspects cannot be fulfilled, so it is okay to ignore the trends.

So, here are the latest and fashionable trend of eyewear:

1. Double Bridge Frame

Source: gabrielarrabal.com

This style boosts the cuteness of the wearer. It has a circular shape that looks smart and cute at the same time. As you have to keep an eye of the appropriateness to your type of face, so this style is perfectly fit for you who have square or heart-shaped face.

2. Clear Plastic Frame

Source: daily-models.blogspot.com

It gives you fresher look and original. The transparency make you look hip and subtle, so this is perfect for you who have love-hate relationship with the eyewear. There are various sizes and shapes that you can choose according to your type of face. This is so popular so some world’s artists are captured wearing them. Let’s mention Kim Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin.

3. Leopard Frame

Source: stylebystevie.wordpress.com

Undoubtedly, this is going to make you look both chic and sophisticated. As it comes in various styles, you can easily find the one fits your style the most. So, who’s still think that wearing eyewear is too nerdy?

4. Cat Eye

Source: pmuscat.com

This is not the new thing in the eyewear’s world but the timeless beauty makes it hard to ignore. The strong and chic vintage will come along while wearing this eyewear. The different is now you can see various styles besides the regular frame.

5. Wire Frames

Source: modalite.net

It was known after being worn by the A-list celebrities and fashion bloggers until getting the trending worldwide. Due to the super thin frames, these glasses fit to all shapes of face.

6. Circle Round Frame

Source: fashionmakestrends.com

This is the most favorite eyewear among the geek community. The super cool John Lennon look is well represented by wearing these glasses.

7. Oversized Round Frame

Source: in.pinterest.com

This is the perfect eyewear for those having a square shape face and fit to any style of outfit.

8. Wayfarer Frame

Source: livingly.com

The updated yet modern version of wayfarer frame has been chosen by numerous people. Besides its timeless beauty, this type of glasses are also available in some colors and materials.



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