3 How to Enliven the ‘Cliché Florida’ from Home Architecture Online

Once you visit Florida, you must see most of the houses are decorated in the classic tropical decor, called “Cliché Florida”. As it is so popular, you can even take the details on home architecture online and apply them to your home. If you love the tropical beach theme, check these following details of “Cliché Florida”:

1. Floral Upholstery

Source: Pinterest.com

The home architecture online usually suggests some color for furniture covers, such as bold and bright floral prints. The main point of this style is by lightening up the rooms’ feel. So, some fabrics you should fetch are light denim and canvas duck and all solid color fabrics. To attach the accent, artworks and pillows are the great choice. But you have to notice that using floral pattern for all home accessories and furniture will create such boring atmosphere. The floral pattern should be combined with other solid colors (but in the track of Cliché Florida color guards).

2. Rattan

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The light classic furniture fits to create the tropical fee. The rattan chairs may be beautiful as an accent in your pool or porches. This furniture is rather cheap and suitable for tropical accents. The natural color brings out the tropical vibes. You can easily find it online. There are various types of rattan furniture that you can choose based on your current furniture at home. Besides the single chair, the outdoor bench will also be perfect for your lazy time while sightseeing around your home.

3. Slick Surface

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Some characteristic surface of Florida homes are the glass tables, ceramic tile floors and the expanses of windows. Avoid applying the entire home with this slick surface so the room will not be cold nor uncomfortable. The furniture should be mixed up, such as giving the large rug in the seating areas, framed fabric photographs on the wall, and so on.

The ‘cliché Florida’ is all about giving your own touch in the element. The personal touch will differentiate your style among others. The home architecture online is just giving some common advices but you, as the homeowner, are responsible t make it unique and super comfortable.

Usually, most people are concerning the kitchen remodel. It is undeniable how the kitchen brings so much influences to the entire home. But you also have to consider other’s aspect, such as the porches, living room, dining room, bathroom and the bedroom. Remodeling a home is just that easy, right?



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