5 Fashion Trend: Modern Black Wedding Dress

As long as we all know all around the world, the color of wedding is white. It was originally coming from the Victorian era. But, it is just a fashion tradition. A bride has her chances to choose what color suits her best on her special day ever. To pursuit something unique and chic, the black wedding dress is also getting popular with its whimsical yet magical look. No, it is not about being too dark or too gloomy. There are plenty fashion designers who create wonderful black wedding dresses with the touch of romantic and elegant look.

Here are some styles that will be adored by most brides-to-be around the world:

1. Black Lace Dress

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The lace gown is one of the best wedding gown, no matter the color is. To choose the black lace gown, you need to choose the right style and silhouette. The lace factor will get you to the most sophisticated look. Furthermore, you can reuse your gown after your big day.

2. Long Black Dress

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This fashion item is a way to keep a tradition into your wedding, except the color. The bridal look will be got by choosing the floor-sweeping length and adding extra train for dramatic look. For completing your look, you should choose simple jewelry, makeup and hairdo.

3. Short Black Dress

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This is pretty suitable for a modern wedding ceremony. You can choose whether a high-low design, mini design, or tea-length design that wins your heart. Before choosing this short dress, you have to consider that your own dress is more sophisticated and bridal look than the dresses that your guests will wear possibly. Start by choosing the wedding standard fabrics, such as lace, tulle and organza. The extra touch of embroidery will also give you plus point.

4. Plus Size Black Dress

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The black dress is perfect for those who have curvy shaped body. The black gown is capable of highlighting your feminine silhouette. There are lots of styles you can choose, starting from the mermaid dress, A-line dress, or short dress. Think of which part of your body needs to be highlighted.

5. Black Gothic Dress

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Someone who loves gothic look must opt this one. This gothic dress embraces some fantasies to the surrounding. Some elements that add the fantasy effect are long sleeves, thick lace, black brocade or heavy fabrics. This will be completed with applying the darker makeup.

Could you tell which one is defining your taste?



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