5 Types of RV Campervan Fit for Family and Kids

Travelling and camping with family and kids must be challenging. But it is getting easier with the RV Campervan built for family adventure with the kids. The lightweight trailer, vintage style with wood accents, the colorful interior are some decorative elements that kids will likely love. But are they enough? Will they be comfortable doing this?

Parents, travelling and camping with kids are great ideas for keeping the bonding strong and lively. You will never know how much your kids will remember every moment with you. This is so called family quality time that will never be forgotten for a long time. As the parents, you have to break the issues by finding the best fitted RV Campervan for sleeping of two adults and at least 2 kids comfortably. To help easier find the right Campervans, look at these ones:

1. It Costs $85,000

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Originally, this is the Swiss army knife of campervan. It can be adjusted to work truck and well as passenger vehicle. It is removable so you can easily change the layout. The base is using medium-length Ford Transit chassis and low roof. This ModVans support two captain’s chairs and a middle seat. So, it supports five people with seat belts.

2. Colorado Teardrop Summit

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It costs $21,500. This campervan is super comfortable with the great sleeping set up: there are bunk beds that can be transformed into beds for two children, and a sofa to transform into queen size beds for parents. The furniture are including the removable table, two reading lights, storage shelves, and a large skylight.

3. The Mantis by TAXA Outdoors

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This brand costs starting from $32,500. It is built in the aluminum frame and lightweight steel. The 18-feet-long is appropriate and comfortable room to sleep for four adults. It is customized, so you can store it in the standard height and length.

4. Sportsmobile Conversion Van

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This RV Campervan costs starting from $35,000. This campervan is using a high-roof 4×4 2017 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 cargo van. It has a full-height pantry so you can bring lots of food for family treats.

5. Air Opus

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This campervan costs $18,999 and for the additional Air Opus inflatable costs $2,499. Besides the ultimate functions, this campervan also supports electric heating and air conditioning. So, this gives ultimate comfort for you who like traveling with kids. A galley kitchen inside supports stainless steel sink, a stove and refrigerator, and also portable toilet. The interior zip sections are also available in the end of trailer to give you privacy.



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