6 Summer Fashion Shoes Trends 2020

This has been halfway through summer and have you grabbed the hot stuffs, such as shoes? The fashion shoes are about to die for. Besides a handbag, a pair of shoes is a kind of fashion statement that you should never ignore. A perfect pair of shoes will save your whole day. After the Fashion weeks, there are some fashion shoes that have been on display for both online and offline.

And, to keep your closet up to date, here are the recommendation shoes for you to grab fast:

1. Architectural Heels

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This is a kind of refreshment over the usual stiletto back in 2018. This unique yet interesting makeover boosts your appearance better without losing its aesthetic factor. Some brands creating this kind of shoes are Cult Gaia, Neous, Mercedes Castillo, etc.

2. Teva-Inspired Sandals

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This is special for you who love flat and comfortable footwear. The classic Teva shape is a kind of athletic hybrid sandal. Some brands are producing this sandal are Teva, Arizona Love, Teva x Anna Sui, etc. In 2019 trend, this footwear is not only dominated by solid black but also other light colors to make it more loveable.

3. Refined Heels

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The flat and ugly heels should not be worn this summer. It has been replaced by the refined heels with the dramatic and sexy details. Some brands for this kind of bold footwear are Malone Souliers, Bottega Venetta, Prada, etc. This collection has been produced in various colors and materials. The most popular material is leather with some accents for the detail. This is perfect for showing your feminine strengh.

4. Combat Boots

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This type of boots are replaced the previous sock sneakers and sock boots. Even the big name-designers are popping up this collection for summer 2019, they are Valentino and Prada.

5. Logos

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Instead of metallic shoes, the logos are coming into trend this summer 2019. There are undeniable charm sparks over them as they also come in various style, starting from sneakers to heels. Some designers that create this style are Prada, Gucci, Versace, Fendi, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, etc.

6. Dad Sneakers

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The bigger it be, the better it looks. It rules over the Dad sneakers this season. The style is created by some big names, such as Fila, Balenciaga, Zara and Nike.

The footwears will be great if they are completed the entire style. For example, the Dad sneakers will fit perfectly with the shorts or casual loose skirts.



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