6 The Most Popular Home Architecture Style in US

In US, there are certain home architecture style that you can see in almost residential real estate.

It is not happening without accident, as US residents really adore these home architecture styles:

1. Colonial

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This is about the style of 19th century, when the American settlers began focusing on symmetry. This Colonial style is dominating the Northeast, from Maine to Virginia. This home style has some characteristics, such as multiple stories, spaced shuttered windows, brick or wood exterior and the chimneys.

2. Ranch

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If you could recognize, this is the typical settings of ‘60s and ‘70s TV shows. This style was first built according to the practical design in the 1930s. It came after the rural Wester ranches, so the setting would be low roofline, open floor plan and L-shaped or rectangular. For the exterior, you may find the brick, wood or stucco the most. In modern era, the ranch styled houses are typically modified following the modern people’s needs, such as featuring the split-level floor or single floor plan and a garage.

3. Cape Cod

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The characteristic of this type is steep roof, classic rectangular shape and the central chimney. Commonly, the type of this house can be found in the Eastern coastal areas. According to the historical review, this type was influenced by Britain’s thatched cottages. In the modern era, the modification of Cape Cod is in the dormer windows up top, windows flanking the front door and the cedar shingles.

4. Victiorian

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According to the historical review, this home architecture style came from the Industrial Revolution (1837-1901) where the housings were being built. They had pitched rooves, romantic details, rich color and textures, full front porches and bay windows. This style tends to the beauty than the function. You can easily see this style in Utah and Louisiana.

5. Mid Century Modern

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It first came to life in the 1940s, focusing on the natural world and its simplicity. The large glass windows and the open spaces are the most noticeable thing of this style. These days, this style has been applied all around the world with different local richness as the additional composition.

6. Craftsman

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This first came to US in about 1880 and 1920. This style features the natural materials, such as the brick, wood and stone. Their characteristics are in the low-pitched roofs and wide front porches. Although this style felt like losing its fans due to the mid-century modern architecture, but they keep remaining and gaining slowly this year.



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