7 Fashion Guide: What to Wear to the Wedding Party

Fashion is a never ending story. There are always something to tell, to wear and to put aside without really leave them behind. Besides daily fashion, sometimes people put an extra effort for attending the party, or any celebration, such as wedding. Deciding the wedding guest attire is sometimes tiring, especially for those that leave the message for wearing the dress code. For most people, deciding the fashion item of which one is formal, casual, semi-formal, black tie, and whatsoever is much more confusing.

To help you out of those issues, here we give you some handy guides to look stylish and appropriate for a wedding party:

1. Casual Attire

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Casual party may be the outdoor ceremonies. The casual here means something comfortable to wear (but not too casual, such as jeans nor tank tops). For recommendation, you can opt a sundress, cute top or smart pants. For footwear, the low wedged or dressy sandals will be fine.

2. Smart Casual Attire

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What is the difference between casual and smart casual? Don’t panic. To get this smart casual look, you can try the cropped pants, a stylish midi dress, or a midi skirt. For the footwear, you can try the block heels, sandals or wedges.

3. Cocktail Attire

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This equals to the semi-formal celebration that happens in the evening. You can nail this event by wearing more playful dress, such as a unique cocktail dress.

4. Semi-Formal Attire

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While deciding the attire for this kind of ceremony, you need to see the time and location. While it is taking in the evening, then you should choose the dark, formal colors. The lighter tones and breezy fabrics will perfectly fit if the ceremony is held during the day. The common attires for this semi-formal are jumpsuit, smart cocktail dress, long skirt and top.

5. Formal Attire

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You can choose something like short or long formal dress. It is not necessary to wear a floor-length gown if you are fear appearing overdressed.

6. Black Tie Attire

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This is a kind of the higher level of formal dress. Some people call this black tie event as an evening ceremony or party. So, for female guests, you need to wear a floor-length gown. The opposite from the formal attire above, this time, you need to make sure that you do not appear underdressed.

7. White Tie Attire

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So, this is the highest level among all. In this party, you need to wear something elegant and sophisticated, such ball gown or full-length evening gown.



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