7 Winter Handbags Fashion Trend 2020

Some people believe you must invest one fashion item; for women, it must be handbags. The handbags fashion trend has been proved that they have ability to break an outfit, thus make your closet safe for any occasion. Whatever your outfit is, a handbag always transforms it into higher level. The casual t-shirt and jeans will look more stylish and sophisticated while combined with a structured-frame bag.

So, don’t you dare paying extra for long term investment, such as a handbag? If so, here are the key bag trends you need to know:

1. Zebra Print

Source: Pinterest.com

This trend is bursting out into all types of handbags. You can mix and match this zebra print bag with the solid color clothes. This is functional as they are available for both casual and formal model.

2. Scrunchie Handles

Source: momsturf.blogspot.com

This style is truly instagrammable. You can see this scrunchie handle bags on the social media feeds with various colors and sizes. This looks like the trend of scrunchie hair over this year.

3. Luxe Feather Details

Source: Pinterest.com

This is a must have item for party goers. You will be extra confident while having this on your hands during party or any formal celebration.

4. Shearling

Source: Pinterest.com

The plush coat bags are so cozy for winter.

5. XXL Totes

Source: onobello.com

Instagram really runs the world lately, including this supersize bag. You can even see most celebrities and public figures wearing this type of bag. Have you seen the memes about this XXL totes that are going viral for recent? This is such a good marketing strategy to boost a product’s selling. Those memes are increasing people curiosity of this product, so they will observe more and more. At the end, they are curious what if they buy one for themselves. Mission accomplished.

6. Egg Shapes

Source: Pinterest.com

This round and egg like shape bag was first come from the brands, such as Staud and Coperni. This unique and pretty silhouette attracts more and more people and it definitely will be the upcoming trend you cannot resist.

7. Padded Fabrics

Source: Pinterest.com

The simple yet minimalist design is perfect for young and modern women.

The bag fashion trend was showed on the runways in some big cities, such as New York, Paris, and so on. All these cities of mode are creating the consumerism deep inside people’s heart. But every designer guarantees you that purchasing a statement bag won’t affect something negative. You just need to be smarter choosing the right and suitable style based on your personality and needs.



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