8 Beach Wear Fashion Trend

Enjoying the warm summer is the best way to spend the summer holiday. In 2019, there is typical beach wear fashion trend that will steal everyone’s eyes. Ahead, this following 2019 collection deserves pretty pictures. Even the experts state that this year will be some new colors, embroidery and the leopard paint.

Do you see your favorite? Cannot you decide it yet? Let us help you by describing all those trends:

1. Yellow

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Realize it or not, yellow is the color of joy and reflects summer best. Yellow always looks great but this year, it is going to be the honey tone. This tone suits a broader range of people’s skin colors, with or without tan definitely.

2. Sustainability

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This trend started on 2018 and keeps running. If you notice, there are more swim wear labels produce ethically and sustainably produced. This ‘sustainability’ trend seems to continue over the next few years.

3. Leopard

Source: momsturf.blogspot.com

After visiting the runways last few days, we must delighted to have leopard prints as one of the most common trend for Spring/ Summer 2019 collection, including the swim wear. It definitely is a season less trend. The flexibility to wear such leopard prints is also relieving. You can easily mix and match them with the solid color separately. You will never lost a compliment while wearing this leopard style.

4. Double-Duty Resort Wear

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To simplify the summer wardrobe, some designers add the bikini tops and maillots. People can wear them under the skirts or pants and they are sold separately. Thus, there are still lots of accessories for beautifying your summer vacation look.

5. Retro

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The classic retro style of 90s is becoming strong. Some popular collections of retro beach wear fashion trend are retro textured ones, sporty moments and the sweet peasant silhouettes. Besides, it is also influenced by the lingerie-inspired beach wear, such as the ones with flirty floral designs and embroidered delicate accents. This collection is pretty sweet!

6. Knotted Details

Source: onobello.com

During the resort seasons, this knotted detail is getting more popular. This knotted detail to the bikini tops and bottoms creates the silhouette. So the wearer is easier to adjust and customize their fit.

7. Sun Protection

Source: Pinterest.com

Besides the bikini itself, other functional accessories are also becoming a latest trend that is never been avoided.

8. Embroidery

Source: Pinterest.com

This playful and pretty element gives extra character to your swim wear. The pop colors are available to complete the look. You will never get the wrong impression with this style.



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