5 Must Have Fashion Leather Jackets for Fall and Winter

Women always concern of anything about fashion, though in a tight situation. There have been various theories of everything about fashion item women should have, for any occasion and condition. One that is functional and known as ‘travel jacket’ is a leather jacket. This leather jacket is perfect for any condition, whether you are walking around and travelling abroad in fall and winter, they will give their warmth over your shoulders. Besides, they also look cool while you do sightseeing in the cities, for example Paris, London, etc.

A day in England, and most Europe, is like experiencing all four seasons in a day. There could be raining while in summer. So, layering is the best way to feel warm without losing out your fashion style.

To give you extra confidence booster, here are some leather jackets for you:

1. Sleek And Chic

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The must have item of classic faux-leather jacket is BLANKNYC. This product has feminine silhouette, high quality comfort and affordable price.

2. Casual Luxe

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This is one item that is able to elevate your entire look instantly. You can try purchasing the collection of ALL SAINTS. The tight jeans and casual tank will draw attention to yours. The glitzy fine jewelry and ankle boots are great for completing this look. Whatever color your casual tank will match perfectly on this look. Either walking around the park or the cities, this look is never get boring.

3. Grunge Girl

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Who said that the leather jacket will never fit to floral dress? As you must know, this collaboration creates edgy-girly look you will never avoid. Choose the dark florals to get those effortlessly grunge look. So, you should not keep your summer collection on the cabinet over the fall and summer. You can make them for perfect Fall and Winter outfits. Once you like the 90s look, just put on the dark lipstick and you rock the cities!

4. Seasonal Superstar

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This time we want to give some review for Made by Johnny leather jacket. It was made from faux leather. It will look perfect with a pair of mid-height boots, flannel scarf and a knit sweater. It is suggested to wear the black jacket with tan boots, or vice versa.

5. Airplane Outfit

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Fashion keeps you travelling in style. This time, you should not choose the fitted one. On the contrary, the loose leather jacket will keep you comfortable and warm during your flight. You can easily complete your look with leggings, a long plain t-shirts, a tote bag and a pair of sneakers.



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