6 How to Create Easy DIY crafts to Sell on E-commerce

Many people love purchasing something unique and handmade, something like wood creations. But not all people have spare time making easy DIY crafts to sell. Earning profits of your own efforts can be lots of fun. You can look for some inspirations online. There are various types of crafts you can make according to your own ability and people’s interests. Many people prefer buy some stuffs than creating by their own crafts.

The wood stuffs are relative expensive. People will pay for your wood crafts as long as they look good and in a fair price. Some painting ideas is the best and easiest way to change the look of your old stuff.

Here are some easy DIY crafts to sell ideas:

1. Beaded Bracelet

Source: bloglovin.com

This is very easy to make. All you need is just purchasing various beads in different colors, shapes, sizes, and materials (including the ones from woods). They are less expensive but people of all ages are looking them as cool and inexpensive jewelry.

2. Mosaic Picture Frames

Source: pinotspalette.com

You can easily see this kind of craft in e-commerce, such as e-bay, etc. You can create ones and try selling them online will help your crafts are getting more profit fast.

3. Palette Picture Frames

Source: wikidiy.org

This is another easy to make craft to gain profit. You can start painting the palette s in various color themes, such as shabby chic, coastal, minimalist, trendy, retro color themes, and so on. As well as the mosaic picture frames above, this craft also looks potential on e-commerce.

4. Wire Wrapped Bead Rings

Source: freefoto.ca

This is also easy to make bracelet suitable for funky style lovers.

5. Pottery Fruit Bowl

Source: Pinterest.com

This kind of craft needs a little more effort than above craft ideas. To create this popular pottery Fruit Bowl, you need clay, kiln, a pottery wheel, and some pottery-making flare. Once you can create one, the price is fair enough. The modern home owners love purchasing this kind of crafts though. You can combine this product with wooden frame.

6. Palette Coaster

Source: Pinterest.com

You can easily sell your crafts to the cafes, bars and houses as they love serving the drinks using this palette Coaster.

Keeping your days with creating easy DIY crafts to sell means productivity is increasing. Wood is a natural material that can be reused for a brand new stuff. Something like an old chair will be a brand new standing vase, and it applies for any wood stuffs. Wood fits to any decor ideas so you won’t get it all wrong. Let’s do this!



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