10 How to Do the Kitchen Remodel on A Budget Well

Kitchen remodel on a budget has possibility to out of control. For those with tight budget, learning to cut some corners and invest another one may help. So, here are some tips of how to save budget:

1. Invest On The Stone Countertops

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Countertops are the focal point where everyone first see. This countertop has ability to set the tone of your kitchen space. Some recommended stones are lava stone, calacatta marble, quartz, etc.

2. Pay Less On Cabinets

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Cabinets mostly consume over 75% of your budget and kitchen space. If you think of saving your cash, this is potential after all. Instead of spending dollars for custom cabinets, you better choose the ready-to-assemble cabinets with the additional side panels and custom doors if you like them getting personalized.

3. Invest on Fixtures and Hardware

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Doing kitchen remodel on a budget doesn’t mean skipping the aesthetic feature. You still can keep them up with a few high quality pieces for cabinetry, such as the soft satin brass, polished nickel, and so on. These aesthetic features are like jewelry for fashion wardrobe.

4. Pay Less on Appliances

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You don’t need break your bank account for the poplar brands. You may not need all those features that look fantastic on the commercials. Just keep an eye for ones serve your needs.

5. Invest On Backsplash

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Out there, you can easily find the various tile options. Put the one meets your preference. For general preference, the classic white tile may fit for your kitchen.

6. Pay Less on Eco-Friendly Floor

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If you need spending your budget for the floor, you can go for wood or solid cork tiles instead of engineered cork and real linoleum.

7. Invest on Windows

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The natural lights are essentials for keeping up the warmth as well as the beauty inside your kitchen. That is the reason why you can invest on high quality windows with full-length sidelights and good hardware.

8. Pay Less On Sink

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A sink does not worth an investment, as you can find the good stainless steel basin in lower prices, such as $200-$500.

9. Invest On A Second Sink

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The second sink has similar function as the primary one. Both of them could help two users clean and cook simultaneously. Install the primary sink in the kitchen island, while the second one in a wet bar or pantry.

10. Invest On Ventilation

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Same as the windows do, the ventilations allow the kitchen odor to circulate. Good ventilation is always important for all.



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