4 The Most Wanted Living Room Ideas IKEA for Small and Big Family

Living room ideas IKEA give us various inspirations, including the products, arrangement, decoration, furnishing, and others. Living room is the heart of a home. As we all know, IKEA offers not only the products but also how to decorate, how to arrange, and how to deal with every single room of your home. Living room ideas IKEA can be a combination of various details, design and theme. You can easily find them in various size, color, style but in affordable prices.

There are some most wanted living room ideas IKEA that would be best for your home, such as:

1. Unquestionably You Living Room

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This type of living room provides the tradition along with modern elements. The timeless EKTORP sofa will complete the look beautifully. For storage, HAVSTA is a kind of a dust-free storage with glass door. The classic look will be great for any home design. You can display the decorative items and family portraits in there. Another important furniture is the ASTRID lamp that comes in a traditional style. It glows your room better. The LISABO desk should be chosen as a complement for you while doing your own thing surround your family.

2. Warm and Cozy Living Room

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This is what every family needs in a living room, such as the warm textiles and materials, well lighting, and proper curtains. MAJGULL curtains will be perfect for keeping the privacy better by customizing the incoming light. Thus BERGSHULT/ PERSHULT wall shelf should be chosen to display your books and decorative items. For unique yet decorative furniture, you should choose GAMLEHULT footstool that is designed with the storage. The VIMLE sofabed will complete all of your living room look better.

3. Living Room for Small Family

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Small family living in a small home should look for 2-in-1 furnishing, such as a sofa bed that can be used as a place to relax while watching TV at both day and night. The KALLAX shelf is also the next must-have furniture as it can be a home divider and a smart storage. BITTERGURKA hanging planter also will be the best decorative materials for small space as it offers you to arrange the mini vertical garden.

4. Super Hero Living Room

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A thematic living room fits to those having kids at home. So the living room might give a place to relax, study and play together. JOHANNE throw could be the first item to shop; as having bigger family means you need a double-duty room and this throw adds extra warmth while sleeping on the sofa-bed. CIRKUSTALT children’s tent will gve your kids extra item to play.



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