5 Decorative Craft Furniture Ideas from Recycled Wood

In order to make the unused furniture into something new and could be used again is brilliant. By doing the decorative craft furniture, you would save the world from the trash and yet help your own pocket for not spending much dollars on the brand new furniture for your home. These following inspirations need the used furniture and basic carpentry skills, such as how to hold and use the nails and hammer.

1. DIY Shoe Rack

Source: home.spartandecor.com

While having the old and unused rack, just polish them to be the brand new one. Check the nails whether they aren’t strong enough to support any weight and replace with the new ones. You can paint the rack with your favorite color or simply make them look original.

2. DIY Wine Barrel Side Table

Source: moolton.com

You can make one with the unused wine barrel. You may cut them down into two parts. Voila! You have got two side table at once! You may not need to paint them to get the rustic look.

3. DIY Console Table

Source: woodpalletsfurniture.com

You can easily create this console table with your unused or recycled wood. Cut them in certain size according to your preference and unite those using nails and hammers. The steps are look like the show rack above.

4. DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Source: obsigen.ru

Once you love the farmhouse/ industrial style, then this pallet coffee table is truly for your style. You just need to measure what size do you prefer and the palette to start with. Besides having the natural color of wood palette, it is okay to paint them in white to freshen the look. Add the wheels in each side of the table so you can easily move them around as you need. And it is all done. So simple.

5. DIY Ladder Nightstand

Source: decorative.unqual.com

This is the easiest among others as you don’t need any hammer yet nails (once they are in good condition). You just need to repaint and re-brush them with your favorite tone. After all done, put them on your living room or bedroom and add the wire and lamp. Some of you may add the drawer in one of the ladder’s space. If you find the old or unused drawer, then go with it. Keep it secure by hammer and nails. So, you can store the small items inside and on the surface.

Those ideas of decorative craft furniture is less expensive than purchasing the new one. As the wooden furniture could not be reached in any cheaper way.



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