5 How to Arrange the Indoor Plant for Small Apartments

There are some benefits to surround yourself with greenery, such as control the air quality, calm your mind, freshen the home’s look, boost your life expectancy, and so on. So, having indoor plant for small apartments is not impossible to do. Although you have small spaces, do not fear to add some greenery around. You just need minimizing the plant sizes and maximizing your space technique.

For some people, the fake ones may be better chosen as they do not any treatment, such as watering, etc. But for most people, maintaining the resources make their life alive. But if you are a busy person, you may choose the low-care plants, such as succulents. Do you want more? Look at these following tips on how to arrange indoor plant for small apartments?

1. A Small Green Wall

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This green wall is something like a photo frame. In the architecture and interior design, this might be a brand new idea, giving modern people a way out of having the plants inside their home or apartments. This green wall have the plants hanging vertically. The types of plants vary, based on the owners’ preference; and could be got on smaller budget. Furthermore, you could make it by your own; by getting an indoor planter kit and some plants.

2. DIY Terrariums

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This is one of the most popular indoor plant for small apartments. Yes, they are adorable and super easy to make and low maintenance. Some call it as self-dependent ecosystem that is able to flourish themselves without the help of others. If you are planning to create one, all you need are plants, a good quality glass container, stones, soil, and the accessories.

3. Herbs Mini Garden

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This is the best way for you who love cooking and decorating. Growing the indoor herbs should be decided according to your light level. Some indoor planter supplies may be got in affordable price but make sure you choose the one suits your garden expertise.

4. Hanging Plants

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This suits to those having vertical space. There are lots of DIY vertical garden on the shops. You can easily hang multiple ones in one string. But while having this hanging plant, make sure you don’t do over-watering and take the advice of the experts.

5. Low-Light Plants

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The low-light indoor plant for small apartments should be placed in the dark areas. They could be Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Silver Queen and Parlor Palm.

One thing you should aware of is to always choose the ones that will survive in your apartment.



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