5 How to Design the Kitchen Remodel for Small Spaces

A small kitchen, what so called ‘cottage-style’, is getting popular in modern era. They offer the open concept space, which influences the way people do the kitchen remodel for small spaces. The small kitchen has some advantages:

1. Efficient Design

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Smaller space means tighter work triangle. It creates an efficient workspace.

2.  Kitchen Remodel For Small Spaces Only Need Less Budget

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It is simply because you need small quantity materials.

3. More Practical

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While it is smaller, so you can complete the remodeling project faster and easier.

4. More Affordable

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Due to the quantity of materials is smaller, so the remodeling budget could be prioritized to upgrade the quality of materials.

5. The Easier Design

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The limited layout gives you more attentions to the detail, such as the fixtures and materials.

While designing the kitchen remodel for small spaces, all the appliances should be close together. Create a practical point of view, such as the refrigerator closes to a water supply, dishwashers closes to the drain area and water supply, and so on.

Here are the complete ideas of kitchen remodel for small spaces:

  • Why don’t you exclude the kitchen island? Believe it or not, they are space hogs and rarely used. You may take a look at the Asian kitchen. Mostly they don’t have such kitchen island and everything is fine. The kitchen activities keep going on.
  • Cabinetry to the ceiling. Ideally, there are an open space above the kitchen cabinetry. But this is not ideal for small space after all.
  • Choose the glass doors for cabinets. Besides adding the wider look, it supplies more lighting.
  • Choose the lighter or neutral colors. These color schemes make the small space look wider and brighter.
  • Choose the larger floor tiles. It helps you create wider look.

Those design of kitchen remodel for small spaces could be applied for any kitchen style, whether for minimalist, ranch house, shabby, and others. Those ultimate keys of designing will win everyone’s heart. Commonly, people, living in the apartment, have to face this small kitchen. But it is more efficient for those living in big cities and having intense mobility.

The small kitchen allows the users to do things in the kitchen faster. On the other hand, the bigger one needs them walking some more feet from cooking to do dishwashing. This won’t happen in the smaller one; which you just need to turn around to reach the work triangle.

How simple!



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