5 Ideas for Cheap DIY crafts to Sell at School

Everyone love wearing headband, besides having sweet look, it also make the hair tidy. Cheap crafts to sell at school is about being independent or at least trying to be. This activity does not only require the ability to create but also a willingness to promote and sell; and they need bravery.

Do you want to make your kids learn how to make money? Simply teach them about cheap crafts to sell at school. The results will make your kids proud of themselves by both creating crafts and money. Before creating the crafts, make sure who will be the customers. If they are students, you should make the colorful ones.

These following items of cheap crafts to sell at school are super easy to make in no time and even become best seller products on e-commerce. Here we go!

1. DIY Hand Painted Planters

Source: lifemadeeasydiycraftsandstuffs.wordpress.com

This garden is perfect for beginning your crafting journey. The supplies cost very little so you can sell them easily. Start by purchasing some vases and pots. The painting activity will last in no time. So no worries about spending too many time on it. Besides, this craft does not need special artistic talent.

2. Rose Gold Foiled Pencil Cup

Source: Twitter.com

This kind of craft will increase your profit higher. You can sell them online and offline for adults and teens. So, this one gives you wider target market.

3. Fruit Perler Bead Magnet

Source: Pinterest.com

Numerous people are looking for this super cute Perler bead magnet. This craft does not need anything like painting nor drawing. All you need is just sitting and compiling the Perler bead to be a certain shape, such as colorful fruits, etc.

4. Flower Pens

Source: za.pinterest.com

The ingredients are the faux flowers and pens. This is one of the top list of cheap crafts to sell at school. Pens are essential for students. So, this might be most wanted inexpensive craft to sell for students.

5. Elastic Headbands

Source: Pinterest.com

This kind of craft is supposed to sell for teenagers. They love pop color headbands along with the sparkle on it. Besides selling directly to your school mates or online. You can create different style of this headband, such as ones for kids, teenagers and adults as well. Sure they love it so much.

Some teenagers would love to buy this kind of headband, especially some with glitter. As long as the material’s price is reachable, you can easily do this to sum up your dollars.



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