5 Ideas to Create Beautiful Fabric Crafts to Sell Easy

Sewing projects can easily give you extra cash. Creating any craft at school, office or even e-commerce will help you gain your self-confidence, let alone the cash.

Keep up your energy to create some following ideas of beautiful fabric crafts to sell easy:

1. Drawstring Basket

Source: Pinterest.com

The target market of this craft is the new moms out there. The drawstring Basket is great to organize mom and baby’s essential. Besides, this one is so sweet for baby shower’s gifts. You can decide what size you need to see, or even create some sizes at once.

2. Fabric Baby Shoes

Source: organizeyourstuffnow.com

You may call it as pre-walker shoes, or whatever the name is. This is a cute craft. Most moms love spending their cash on pairs of them.

3. Acorn Potholder

Source: richard-t.com

This one of most essentials thing in the kitchen. Besides their function, the Acorn Potholder also appears in various design and colors. While attending the craft shows, there must be lots of people adore your crafts.

4. Handy Pouch Bag

Source: ntv.com.tr

This must be well-known item for all people of any age. You can use them for organizing the amenities, makeup and accessories in a trendy way. It needs a little extra effort to make but the result and price will be worth it.

5. Circle Earbud Case

Source: Pinterest.com

The target market of this craft is teenagers as they love using Earbud often. This craft is capable of making the Earbud well-organized. Add some cute words to add the value.

Those above ideas are easy to make and sell. They are suitable for the teenagers need to earn more money. Those beautiful fabric crafts to sell easy might earn more money if you create such a bundling promo. For example, buy 2 handy pouch bags get 1 acorn potholder. This marketing strategy should be done over and over.



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