5 Super Easy DIY Decorative Winter Craft

Winter is approaching. The outdoor activities might not be done as much as before, but it won’t deter your indoor activities, right? There are still lots of things to do inside your home while warming up in front of the fire and drinking hot chocolate. Working with decorative winter craft is one of the best activities during winter, and Christmas!

Winter means Christmas and you need Christmas gifts, decorations and accessories. That is why the easy and inexpensive decorative winter craft should be in your bucket list soon. Besides purchasing the brand new materials, the old ones have same possibility to be created as winter decorative, such as the old scarf for door hangings, the old hat for Christmas wreath, and so on. So, are you ready for keeping your holidays busy by creating decorative winter craft?

1. DIY Glittery Jar

Source: sonaeuk.com

To create the glittery effect inside the Mason Jar, you need some materials, such as the glue, Mason Jar (make sure they still have gasket lid), snack cup, and Christmas tree miniature and glitters. This snow globe is ideal for children so they would sit and be quiet waiting for the glitter to calm down after shaking it up.

2. Holiday Garland

Source: thecraftedsparrow.com

Doing this craft doesn’t need a knitting skill. All materials you need are your fingers, thick and chunky yarn, and the scissors.

3. Ice Lanterns

Source: reparasiandroid.com

This is the ice-made lantern that won’t last forever. But the sparkling colors give is a beautiful way to be a centerpiece of your home decoration or placed at your front garden to guide the guests.

4. Snowman Luminary

Source: reparasiandroid.com

We can actually make anything using Mason Jar. This decoration is perfect for Christmas dinner table or other interior decorations.

5. Fluffy Wreath

Source: Pinterest.com

To brighten your day in the winter, this fluffy white wreath could not be resisted. The materials are super easy, and so as the making. P.S. this should not be always white. You can choose your own favorite color.

Creating DIY decorative winter craft could also be done by kids as well. You could ask them to help them with the small version of crafts. They might be enthusiast and proud of themselves. While the Christmas is coming, they would be proud saying that they made their own crafts too. The one that is perfect for kids is DIY glittery jar. Your kid might make it their personal and easily bring them around. Be happy as the holiday is approaching soon!



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