5 Top Color Shades of Living Room Ideas Paint

Whatever living room ideas paint you choose should claim the togetherness, comfort and leisure on it. Any part of a home, including a living room, has countless memories. Whatever you choose, whether it is old-fashion charm or modern vibe, there must be some most wanted living room ideas paint around the world.

1. Green

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Green states the renewal and harmony as it resembles the natural world. We can say that this is one of the best colors for living room. If you are bored of the neutral color, try the green walls. The green walls spark the energy around and it is great for you who don’t have any time maintaining any greenery inside.

2. Grey

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This kind of neutral one will help you feeling more spacious. Besides having ability to match the modern and vintage design, grey walls also could be the suitable backdrop for your artworks. Though it is most common in almost any room of home, the living room will look more sophisticated after all.

3. Blue

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This one is a kind of America’s favorite color. The blue walls give you clean and stabilizing effects around. The accent color would be cream and brown. So, we can say that by applying the blue color, means applying the modern style.

4. Beige

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This is another safe and neutral color for living room in particular. Beige color is essential for those intending to adore the minimalist look. This color is easy to be combined with other accents and furnishings, such as raw fabrics, wooden floor, etc. The classy and calming effect would be yours with no doubt as there is no limitations what should and should not to be combined. You are allowed to be as creative as you want.

5. Black

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Though this is the most common living room ideas paint all over the world, but it is still possible to be put as most-wanted color for living room. This black color defines the dramatic effect and drawing more attention. It would be perfect if your living room has a lot of natural light. The black wall would be the best backdrop for any furniture and accessories. The touch of gold could be tried to get more expensive and elegant at the same time.

All those color schemes are still available in various tones. So if you need adding certain accent, try combining two tones and proper furnishing. Any type and material of furniture are welcome.



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