6 Decorating the Living Room Ideas Pinterest for Small Apartments

Living room apartments have a certain charm. To decorate the living room of small apartment needs more than just functionality, the design matters as well. Some living room ideas Pinterest may describe those unspoken rules through the beautiful images. Every home decor should not be short on style, no matter how small the space is. To fulfill these both functionality and aesthetic, all you need is by highlighting your personal taste.

To help you finding out the complete pictures, here are the tips to live large in your small space:

1. Delineate The Separate Areas Carefully

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We may read much tips about the open space for small homes. Does it really work? The open space is great to create larger effect, but it also has possibility to be messy once you get them miss-arranged. Before separating certain areas, choose specific purposes for each of them.

2. Dual-Purpose Furniture

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Small living room ideas Pinterest needs you counting every inch, which make you invest more on the dual-purpose furniture. You can count on the (foldable) trundie bed, a hollow ottoman, etc. Whatever your choice would be, consider they are size-appropriate. Avoid being overstuffed.

3. Use The Space Effectively

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You are the one living in your apartment, so as you who could challenge yourself to identify the spaces around. Look around and find some blank walls and unused corners. Think of how to use them effectively, such as an additional corner shelving unit for placing the bar essentials. You could make customization shelves over the doors to keep the rarely used plates, etc.

4. Vertical Storage

Source: neweradecor.com

It is not only vertical garden that is popular for small living room ideas Pinterest but also the vertical storage. For example, buy two identical bookshelves and place them on the side of doorway, they create a built-in shelving look.

5. Organization System

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The storage is key to evade the clutter from view. The storage system will help you finding something to use. For example, the lining shelves (with extra small pockets) create clean and tidy look to hide any tool.

6. Light Color Palette

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For small space, the light color palette is a must. Focus on choosing three light ones to decorate the majority and one darker one to accentuate. Thus for the furniture, choose one bold color to give a little accent.

Small living room ideas Pinterest are like an oasis to gulp every information. But, be careful to read every picture to avoid being misinterpretation.



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