6 DIY Decorative Mirrors for Under $20

One of the things owned by anybody is mirror. The decorative mirrors and non-decorative ones might be placed in the bathroom, bedroom, and other rooms. Some people love decorating with mirrors, besides making rooms wider, they also boost the beauty of surroundings better without so much effort.

Purchasing the decorative mirrors is not cheap. They come in various style and price but no cheap at all. That is why we give these DIY tips for creating the decorative mirrors without breaking your bank account. We will use the materials that are easily available at your home or easily found nearby. So, here we are transforming the old furniture into the brand new ones. Dare to try?

1. DIY Mirrors Costs $15

Source: rerooms.ru

This is perfect for you the rustic lovers. Besides super cheap, this only spends one hour for the making. First, you just need to take a regular full length mirror. Second, embellish it with the rustic wood. And finish! You can hang it vertical in the bedroom or horizontally behind your couch.

2. DIY Angel Food Cake Pan

Source: rinawatt.com

Though using the old angel food cake pan, you would love the result. All you just need is find the old cake pan (or the new one) and a round mirror. Use glue to adhere them. You could hang it in the kitchen or dining room. How much will you spend for this DIY decorative mirrors? I dare say $1.

3. DIY Wooden Mirror

Source: Pinterest.com

The bathroom mirror is something crucial to make sure your top to toe is ready before walking out the bathroom. For giving extra mood booster in the bathroom, decorating the bathroom mirror would be great. Just add the wood and paint them in whatever color you want.

4. Plastic Spoon Mirror

Source: thebestwoodfurniture.com

You could call it as chrysanthemum mirror and the result reflects those beautiful flowers. While the decorative mirrors are ready, no one will recognize that you made them from the plastic spoon. To create an ombre look, pain the spoons in different shades.

5. DIY Color Wheel

Source: sk.pinterest.com

The materials you need are glass tiles and plywood. Creating this color wheel mirror takes longer time than above ideas but the results is relieving. You can choose the color, from the traditional color of color wheel to any color.

6. DIY Frosted Glass Mirror

Source: hausstyling.com

First, you need a regular round mirror (or any shape). Second, use the doilies and frosted glass spray. The design is ultimately yours to decide.



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