6 Easy and Budget-Friendly Kitchen Remodel DIY

Everyone must admit that remodeling a kitchen needs most budgets, though for a small renovation. Here, some ideas of kitchen remodel DIY may help someone to create a small renovation without getting broke at the end. You may not choose all of them but at least you get an idea how to create budget-friendly kitchen remodel DIY. Here we go.

1. Replacing The Countertop With Stainless Steel

Source: onechitecture.com

This one needs precise measurement of your countertop sizes. Besides, turn down the edges so it won’t be dangerous and sharp. To do this simple thing, you need about $300 – $400.

2. Stainless Steel Appliances

Source: oppressionquest.com

This is the DIY appliance! You can get them online and cut them to certain sizes according to your appliances. To do this work, you need a sharp kinfe, ruler, squeegee, scissors, hairdryer and pencil. First of all, clean up the surface area of your appliance so the bubbles won’t be formed. Peel the film and smooth them down. The overlap edge could be removed using a sharp knife. This is worth to try.

3. Stenciled And Painted Floor

Source: Pinterest.com

For this project, you need a nice stencil and paint. You just simply apply the paint using the stencil. Let them dry and the new floor design will come after.

4. Glass-Face Cabinets

Source: graceinmyspace.com

This is rather complex project, so you need the sandpaper, a drill, glass clip, caulk and the glass. Before starting this project, you need to find the correct size of glass, which is by asking the Home Depot assistants to cut the glass pieces for you. Thus, put the cabinet door face down. Around the frame, use a thin layer of caulk to sit the glass. The next is by placing the glass and you need to wipe out the excess caulk after. Let them dry, and fasten them back. They have been ready after the cabinet door is being attached to the hinges. Voila!

5. Plate Wall

Source: remodelista.com

This is the definition of beautiful imperfection. The first step you need to take is by creating the plate hangers (you may use paperclips). Then you need a serious craft glue (such as E-6000) to secure the paperclips to the plates strong enough. Furthermore, decide the layout you desire. To avoid getting wrong, you should start from the middle.

6. Pendant Lighting

Source: reparasiandroid.com

This DIY project has purpose to convert the recessed lighting into pendant ones. You can start this simple yet beautiful project by rolling the cord to certain length and screw the end of them into the socket of previous recessed light, and secure them. And you have done!



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