6 Must-Have Decorative Adhesive Craft Paper for Crafters

Crafting is a fun hobby for some people. And they might know how important the quality of glue is to create successful projects. The following are the must-have decorative adhesive craft paper every crafter must-have in their toolbox.

1. Tacky Glue

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This is the most common decorative adhesive craft paper used by most crafters. This product has been available forever and up to these days. You may ask your grandmothers about this tacky glue and they would completely agree. The differences between now and then are the formulation. Today, you could find the original formulation as well as the quick-dry version. Both of the formulations could be used with paper, fabric plastic and felt.

2. Hot Glue Gun

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Every crafter may have this tool. Before purchasing one, you need to make sure they have the size fits and comfortable for your hand. As it influences the way you use them (they should be easy to pull and release). If you love walking around while crafting, choose the cordless glue gun. But it is okay to buy the one with cord; just make sure that it is long enough. While using this glue gun, protect your fingers. Note: this is not recommended for you who need quit and fast adhesion.

3. Glue Dots

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If you love tidy things, then this is the best version of craft glue. It is very handy and quick to dry. There are two types: permanent and removable. They are acid-free and non-toxic so it is safe for kids. This glue dot could be used for greeting cards, scrapbooking, gift tags, photos, home decor, paper crafts, etc.

4. Foam Tape

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The reason choosing this kind of decorative adhesive craft paper is having the dimension to your craft. This foam glue has a double-sided tape but thicker than the regular scotch tape. To apply this foam tape is truly easy, all you need is just cutting the size or length as you need.

5. Glue Pens

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This kind of glue gives you extra precision, such as creating a card or digital die cuts. Besides, this glue pen works well for creating glitter to your paper projects. After using this glue pen, make sure you put the cap as they dry out fast.

6. Glue Sticks

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Sure as I can say, this is very subtle so it is super safe for children. They give adequate adhesion but they are just recommended for paper craft project only.



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