7 Tips to Save the Kitchen Remodel Costs in Big Cities

Kitchen remodel costs are mostly jaw-dropping. Though they are divided into three grades, which are minor, major-mid, and major-upscale; remodeling is changing things. And it needs more budget. In big cities, most kitchen remodel or any renovation needs an engineer, architect and (some) special permits. Could they be paid low? Of course no!

If you need to remodel your kitchen and save the dollars as well, try some following tips to minimize the kitchen remodel costs at its best without reducing the appliance quality and look. Okay, here are the lists:

1. The Kitchen Planner App

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This app is pretty useful to replace what a kitchen designer does (in amateur way). There are lots of home designer apps with easy to follow tutorials. One of those apps that is recommended is IKEA kitchen planner. Creating your own design by the hands of this app, you proceed to save lots of money.

2. Contractor Comparison

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You can start searching for some nationwide services to help you finding contractors in your area and their projects. By looking at their portfolios, you can see the bid-level estimates. Some contractors may ask higher cost and extra cost; while the others don’t. Here, we are not talking about getting the lowest bid but try looking for the one with reasonable price and good work.

3. Kitchen Sale Events

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A few times a year, the kitchen sale events might happen in big cities. You are possibly getting big discounts in it, starting for the appliances, cabinets, lighting, cabinets, pantry organizers, drawers, and so on.

4. Second-Hand Sellers

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This might be interesting shopping around online looking for the second-hand sellers. Some of the sellers usually the ones could deal with. To get the best price, try comparing one to another. So you have a strong reason to deal.

5. Artisan-Made Lighting

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The kitchen lighting has an important role. The kitchen lighting should be effective; expensive is an option. You could go on Etsy to find the best deal on earth.

6. Refinished Flooring

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Kitchen remodel costs will definitely reduce by rejuvenating the old hardwood floor or refinishing them.

7. DIY

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DIY has become the most cost saver for almost everybody around the world. You don’t need to be an expert to do this project. For kitchen remodel, there are various things for DIY projects, such as assembled cabinets, etc. The painting activities must drag significant impact to the whole look of your kitchen, such as repainting the drinking faucet and the sink faucet to make them matched each other.



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