8 How to Make DIY Indoor Plants Ideas

For those who love plants but don’t have much space can start giving an eye for indoor plants. DIY indoor plants is a key to get bright and lively house. This adoration may be vanished once we do not have any idea of how they should be arranged; how to make them neat and bright; etc.

Here we have some DIY indoor plants ideas and their arrangement to meet your interest:

1. A Bench or Cart

Source: fancyhouse.co

It gives you extra space to add the plants.

2. Eclectic White Pots

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The white color reflects the clean lines so it fits to any type of plants as well. Try to mix up some pots’ design and size in the same area. It boosts the beauty better.

3. Geometric Posts

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They usually come in tiny shapes and pretty cute. You can easily make them look adorable with succulents. Try placing these cities on your desk to feel refresh.

4. Macramé Plant Hangers

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The hanging plants add some pop atmosphere and a new layer to your home design.

5. Branches or Fronds

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This is for creating an accent to your home decor. If you have already had displays for pictures, add some branches. It completes the modern and Bohemian look. The large ones would be perfect.

6. Long and Hanging Plants

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You can start looking for the drape down from your high shelves. This simple touch will give your home looks more memorable and fresh.

7. DIY Plant Corner

Source: tr.pinterest.com

While you have an unfilled space, try to create a small plant sanctuary by adding some different layers of plants and vases. The tiny pots will complete the look of large potted plants and long draping plants. So pretty!

8. One Big Potted Plant

Source: Pinterest.com

You may think this one is not special and pretty common. But try creating a different arrangement. Try to add it next to your favorite sofa or chair. Look how does it look!

Working out the DIY indoor plants is not really hard. All you need is just a small effort to buy stuffs, such as the vases, shelves, and of course plants. The arrangement can be done according to your preference.

Someone may not like having small items inside her house due to it takes more time to clean them up. Per this case, she just should apply the big potted plant: they look clean, fresh and tidy. Mostly, they don’t need special treatment.



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