8 Some Shades of Grey Room Ideas for Homes

Grey is one of those neutral colors. And you might not know that there are various shades of grey, from both cool and warm ones. Each of the grey room ideas could create the perfect backdrop or majority walls, and even the wall art.

To help you envision those ideas, here are some shades of  to cheer up your space:

1. Shade of Blue-Grey

Source: naturalgiftssociety.org

This shade can be perfectly fit with the wood tones, white, dark blue and watery shades of green. The walls are using this blue-grey shade, while the other are accentuating the look, such as the white for chimney mantel, the wooden accessories (wooden picture frames), and so on.

2. Greenish Grey Walls

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This shade is perfectly fit for your kid’s bathroom. This light shade gives you more space to add some colorful accessories on the walls or bold floors.

3. Cool-Grey Walls

Source: aux-pays-des-fleurs.com

This color shade looks like the winter sky. It suits best for living room with casual furnishings. This combination creates such a homey atmosphere, just like a day in your grandma’s house. A color for family to gather around and have small chit-chat.

4. Light-Grey Walls

Source: Pinterest.com

The opposite of the cool-grey tone, this one boosts more modern atmosphere. The small homes are perfect using this tone color with bright white ceiling; so the bigger look is here.

5. Grey-Painted Bricks

Source: Pinterest.com

This is unusual DIY to refresh your old brick. Instead of the white paint, the grey one proceeds more airy and lighter nuance. You can easily make them for your old fireplace. This works well with white-painted walls. Don’t forget choosing the heat and fire resistant paints. Good luck!

6. Steely Grey

Source: shakemyblog.fr

Here comes the kitchen, where most activities take place. The modern home requires open concept between kitchen and the living room. You need a little separation, such as a crimson sofa. This separation means there are two different rooms having different functions, though they are openly accessible. The crimson sofa defines the living room with its bold color shade, while all walls are grey-painted.

7. Soft Grey and White Walls

Source: mykaleidoscope.ru

This fits for contemporary bedroom. The warm color enhances the sunlight. The furnishings should be chosen in the similar color tone. While an accent color could be got from the flowers or the pillow case.

8. Pale Grey Walls

Source: rockindeco.com

You can see the lighter feel over this color shade. This pale grey painted wall is completed with the warm wood furnishings. Beautiful!



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