8 Super Easy DIY Birthday Decor Ideas

When the party is coming, it does not mean something over the budget. Holding a birthday party at home can be completed with personalized DIY birthday decor ideas. The festivities of birthday party won’t be decreased by creating the decoration by your own. Moreover, getting them personalized and cheap will make your day easier and your pocket happier.

Here are some super easy DIY birthday decor ideas:

1. Paper Pinwheels

Source: Pinterest.com

Just think of the ideas of your celebration first. So, you can easily describe what type of paper to buy. Your kids may love creating these ones. You can put those paper Pinwheels on the table, on the gift area and on the cake’s spot.

2. Rainbow Water

Source: tellloveandparty.com

Find some beautiful glasses, fresh flowers, food coloring and a bit of water. Just fill every glass with the colored water, and put the flower inside. This look is truly adorable without spending much effort nor money, isn’t it?

3. Embellished Party Head

Source: Pinterest.com

This is all type favorite decor for every party, don’t you think. Whatever the theme is, there must be the party head. You can jazz them up with cheerful and colorful Embellishments. Whatever you want to add to it, just do. There is no limitation for this simple creation.

4. Balloon Backdrop

Source: Pinterest.com

You couldn’t imagine what is easier than this one. Just go grab some balloons and gas steamer. And hey! You are already there. Arrange them as you want. Ask your kids to help you out.

5. Confetti Glasses

Source: Pinterest.com

This truly works for girls’ birthday party. The fairy-look effect is a die for. You just need the glitter glasses and fill them with small candles. To advance the nuance, try adding the aromatherapy candles. Besides for kids’ birthday party, this kind of decor is also suitable for romantic ones, or even for candle light dinner with your loved one. Can you ignore this one? I believe you won’t.

6. The Ice Cream Hanging

Source: pl.pinterest.com

You can add this sweet treats by using manila folders. As there are various colors of manila folders, you can complete it to each. Have some fun!

7. Ribbon Chandelier

Source: sonaeuk.com

This decor creates a whimsical wonder around. You can create this with any ribbon as you like.

8. Donut Balloons

Source: Pinterest.com

This comes with the usual balloons. Just add extra treat by using paints and tissue papers until getting the picture of tempting donuts on every Balloon.

So, which one do you you prefer to create first?



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