4 Class B Motorhome as The Most Popular Campervan Models 2020

There are various campervan models you should know before deciding which one is the most suitable. So, what is the increasingly popular campervan models these days? The answer might be Class B motorhome. Compared to other models of campervan, this Class B is called as a camping version van, which is smaller and more compact than the other models. This Class B provides numerous conveniences and easy to park and maneuver. The standard features include bathroom, kitchen, bed, storage space and dinette.

They are available in size 16 to 22 feet and price range starts from $60,000 to $150,000.

1. The Manufacturer

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There are various manufacturers built this type, such as Mercedes Benz, Dodge Ram, and Ford.

2. The Target Market

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The family needing short escape is the main target market. Since this model supplies many amenities and the comfortable design.

3. Specialties

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Compared to the traditional A model, this one provides fuel efficiency so they fuel cost might be more affordable. Besides, as the size is not too large, you are allowed to drive in the city (even with tunnels) to buy some supplies.

4. Special Features

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This B motorhome has some special features, such as Awning (sun protection and room extended at the campsite); Murphy Coach/ Bed (fold-out beds); Small Stovetop (with one or two burner according to the type); Wet Bath (handy shower or toilet stall combo); and the Dinette/ Galley Kitchen.

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After observing those features and specialties, you may curious of the recommended brands and their specific features. Okay, here we go showing some popular and most wanted B campervan models:

  • Pleasure-Way Tofino. This model costs $69,550. Certain things differentiate this brand to others are its smaller chassis, pop-up roof and cutting-edge technology.
  • Winnebago Travato. This model costs $112, 907. Some upscale features are fuel-efficient, powerful engine, and solar panel. This model provides more modern look that can be seen both outside and inside.
  • Coachmen Galleria. This model costs $153,202. This is a product by Mercedes Benz and has an award-winning 3500 Mercedes Sprinter chassis. You may not ignore the quality and luxury offered here. Though this is run on diesel but it claims as the cleanest on the market. Some luxury details that should not be ignored are maple cabinetry, solar panel, power sofa, drawers, and soft close doors.

After looking at those information, have you decided which one fit to your preference and budget? Would you buy or rent? Make a plan by now.



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