4 DIY Furniture Project Ideas Everyone Can Do

Not everyone has spare time to do a good DIY, let alone the complicated one. DIY furniture project is mentioned as one of the most complicated projects and some are not worth the effort. But you don’t need to worry, the following ideas are totally manageable DIY furniture project to make you falling in love with crafting world.

Here we go.

1. DIY Daybed

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Creating daybed can be done in a few hours with under $300. Can you believe this? You don’t need to spend more for a new daybed. The materials you need are wood glue, #8 x 11/4 combo screws, 7/64 countersink attachment, sandpaper and 9/16 white birch fast caps. First, you need to sand paper all edges and sides. Second, create an L shape by holding up the back piece and the side piece of the wood. Third, replace the countersink, fasten the wood all together in the predrilled holes. Fourth, place the cloth. Fifth, secure all sides and edges using combo screws.

2. DIY Gold Table

Source: listinspired.com

This DIY furniture project is super easy. It is not only pretty table but also could hold your snacks and drinks. This project is kind of project for you who don’t like working with screws, drill, cutting woods, etc. Though it is not a big table but you can make your life easier by having this gold table around the living room. By all means, this table fits most for small space. The materials you need are cement cylinder (whatever size do you prefer), galvanized pipe (cut them off according to the height of your sofa), floor flange, gold spray paint, liquid nails, adhesive felt pads, fine sand paper and marble round serving board.

3. DIY Tufted Ottoman

Source: topdreamer.com

Who doesn’t like tufted Ottoman? It is available on high pricing. So, to make you easier to have one, try this DIY project. In this project, you need the basic skill of carpentry and upholstery. So, this is not for beginner.

4. DIY Stikwood Headboard

Source: luxurybusla.com

The wood version of headboard may be the best you can make as this doesn’t need drywall screws! The stikwood is a kind of wood that is already finished and they have adhesive on the back. All materials you need are one case of stikwood, IKEA MALM bedframe, measuring tape, rotary saw, clear polyurethane, pen, and fine sandpaper.

Source: doityourzelf.com

DIY furniture project aims to help people having their own furniture without spending much money. And by all means, every project always gives pride. Don’t you agree?



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