4 Easy Decor Ideas Wall with Reused and Recycled Stuffs

Talking about the kitchen decor ideas wall, anyone might have different style and preference. But the ideas never die any time. There are countless kitchen decor ideas wall, including homemade crafts, DIY wall decor, or thing you found it impossible to ignore.

And no wrong by getting inspirational ideas below:

1. The Signs Of EAT

Source: homedecorgroupnew.com

The kitchen is a must, it is connecting to cooking and eating. And this ART sign is truly popular. There are various materials, fonts, and colors you will find. Some of the most popular materials are cutting boards, pallet woods, cheese boards or simply the wooden letters. The sizes are optional. If you need creating such elegant yet luxurious wall decor, the one with glitter may catch your eyes.

2. The Decorative Plate Walls

Source: nikiandlola.com

You may find the decorative plates wall on the living room, but the kitchen and dining room may fit best. You can start with the main plate to be replaced in the center. The following will be varied according to your liking. There are no specific rules about how to hang the plate walls perfectly. You may get inspired by some decorative walls placement online but it is fine to make a little customization. The plates may come from different size, style and color. The arrangement you make will be your instant mood booster.

3. Potted Plants

Source: novamett.ru

This kind of kitchen decor ideas wall may something you wait, isn’t it? There have been so many articles about having some potted plants in the kitchen, especially the herbs one. So you will get double attack by the greenery look and the taste on your meals. You can make them attached on the chalk board, or simply attach them on the metal holders and get them hung.

4. Utensils

Source: decoredo.com

Find some old utensils, paint and hang them on the wall. Besides, you can easily attach them to the framed board, or even combine them with existing wall signs. You will get the cafe-look in your own kitchen. What a cool idea!

After looking at those ideas, have you had thoughts of which one do you prefer? You don’t to break your bank account so just enjoy the show. Give yourself a little treatment by decorating your own kitchen with something you can easily afford of. While you get bored of one decor, you could replace the old one with the new look. Fresh decor definitely makes your time in the kitchen and dining room more cheerful, let alone the family members of yours.



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