4 Which Volkswagen Camper Van Models Fit for You?

Volkwagen camper van models have been best known as recreational vehicles. Generally, every VW has designed more compact and even counted as the smallest campervan since its first generation in early 1950’s. Thus this VW campervan is well known for it easiness to park and drive. The typical features are including various seating arrangement, a folding table, a cold box, water storage/ water pump, storage cabinetry, electrical hookup and curtains. Some of them may have additional features, such as side tents and headroom.

Those are the general features of Volkwagen camper van models, and below are most favorite VW camper van ever:

1. Split Screen Campers

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This camper costs £15-25K. They have ageless look but they won’t be able to go any faster. Once you decide to have trip around Europe, you may think about their speed. If you are okay with driving too slow, then this camper would be fine. As for your preference, this is not a kind of daily driver van. Besides, make sure you have enough space in the garage to store it from winter.

2. Bay Window Type 2 Campers

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This kind of VW camper costs £7k -15k. This is more modern one than the first, and has been completed by modern aspects, such as suspension, brakes, engine and steering.

3. T25/ T3/ Wedge Vanagon Campers

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This classic one costs £4,5k to £12,5k. The earlier version may be slower but the latest has been faster.

4. T4 Transporter Campers

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This type of VW has more modern design (which not too square) and there is possibility less problem with performance. This costs £5,5k to £25k.

Volkwagen camper van models are available in wide ranges of size, shape, and specification. If you are a fan of VW campervan, you need to attend the VW shows and magazines to get the best deal and the up to date information.

Take a note that everyone has different budget and goals. Some may need campervaning around Europe, which needs faster rides. But some may need to enjoy the short trip in the summer and do not bother with the slower ride. The terms and conditions of every traveler cannot be similar. As well as for looking for the most suitable VW campervan, every model (let alone brand) has different specification and price that may fit for someone. If you are planning campervaning, please write down your itinerary first before purchasing the RV.

Have fun!



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