5 Simple and Cheap French Country Style Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom is one of the most important aspects in a home. Having a comfortable one would make you sleep tight and get a fresh mood. French decor never fails to make everyone falling in love with. The French country style bedroom is one of the most wanted bedroom designs. Once you love reading such historical romance novel, you might be obsessed by this French country style bedroom. Could you just imagine laying in this European bed while reading those novels? The Victorian style with beautiful laces may create romantic vibe would easily be flying your ideas.

Let’s make them real by one to five steps!

1. A Bed Crown

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In this part, you don’t need to replace your old bed. You just need to add half canopies. These half canopies affect the room look bigger and elegance. Furthermore, the fabrics are more to go. You could go with any color, such as white (the most common one), tans, blue and gray. For the bed crown, you can go for a customized one or a DIY. They prefer fit to your budget.

2. The Gallery Of Wall Frames

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Try looking for the frames with ornamental detail and repaint with soft and relaxed colors. French country style bedroom always has more than one wall frame. You can get them in various sizes to be placed over the bed or furniture. They are instantly creating a new focal point inside your bedroom.

3. Little Chandeliers

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There is no French decor without any chandelier. This is a must have item indeed. While you choose the French country style bedroom, then you need something dainty and rustic one. For example, a white petite chandelier.

4. Vintage Pillows

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The French vibe would be presented well in soft cotton pillows with eyelets and ruffles. Make sure you choose the comfortable and standard pillows to be laid off.

5. Wooden Elements And Muted Colors

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Though we are looking for muted colors, but you should not stick with the only stick colors, such as grays and whites. Try choosing other muted versions of pinks, yellows and even blues. Talking about the wooden elements, the ceiling and wall would be the right part to be redecorated.

French country style bedroom does not need you redecorate the entire bedroom. All those stuffs are just complementing your decor. So, no matter your previous bedroom decor was, this style could be applied perfectly fit and you won’t regret it all.



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