6 Resetting the Winter Kitchen Decor after Christmas

While holiday is over, what should you do to those decorations? Stop! Don’t make it wasted. You can do some tricks to make your home lively in the winter without buying new stuffs. This time, we are talking about renewing and resetting the winter kitchen decor. Most of the time, in early January, people are throwing away their Christmas decorations and start purchasing something new. For the principle of renewing and resetting, throwing away all decorations aren’t wise. Yup, you just need some support systems and a little trick to create a new look with (not so) old decor.

So, here we go:

1. Leave The Basic

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After the Christmas, take down all the Christmas decorations and leave the basics. The furniture, decorations and stuffs are normal with neutral colors or whatever the color your kitchen has. Leave them that way. Take a breath and take a next step.

2. Use What You Have

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This simple method allows you to start decorating your kitchen with the décor you already have, and ultimately, without paying some more bills.

3. Think Of The Look That You Like

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How your kitchen will look like, which item will be focal point, and the theme of it all. If you let me to choose, something dreamy with the beautiful white accents will be great. You may have a beautiful tea sets you need to show off. Make them as your focal point then. Though you like the theme of white, you should add the pop color as an accent, such as gold, green, red, etc.

4. Greenery

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After arranging and resetting your kitchen as you like, winter kitchen decor should get the best and refreshing accent, such as greenery. Winter in the outside doesn’t mean frozen inside the house. The white vases with greenery on the Kitchen Island or cabinets will refresh your mood. The greenery here can be cut off from your own garden or the faux plants work well either.

5. Give A Place For Non-decor Items

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This is what a repurposed means. Something like a stamp, matchbooks, pretty stones, etc will be a beautiful yet unique decoration. Just place them on a decorative bowls and put them on your kitchen. The colorful items will create its own charm.

6. Paint It

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Change the ambiance can be started by painting the color of your old stuffs, such as the chairs, etc. One simple color change will change your whole mood.



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