6 The High-Tech Features of Luxurious Knaus Sun i Motorhome

Luxurious Knaus Sun i motorhome has the best high-tech concept. Some features are including a slide-out outdoor TV (with Bluetooth audio) and smartphone lighting control. Luxurious Knaus Sun i motorhome claims having weighs 8,289 lb and 29 feet long. This is best fit for for people (seat and sleep).

As the philosophy describes all “the best of everything and always a bit more than you actually need.” Can you imagine after reading that philosophy? What’s on your mind then?

Here we will describe one feature to another to amaze everyone:

1. The Outdoor Entertainment System

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You would find a pull-out 32-inch TV with sets of Bluetooth headphones. Getting outdoor does not mean living without any entertainment. You need to explore the serenity of surrounding without getting too bored. So, here it is.

2. Electric Retraction System

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By using this feature, you can easily retract the indoor TV slides right behind the bench. Once you don’t want to watch them, you wouldn’t see them. As simple as that.

3. The Extendable Under-floor Storage Bin

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This feature is helping you reach something without even stepping up your feet and it is kept in the kitchen area. This is kind of the extravagant feature a campervan could offer. Some may not think it is kind of nonsense but this Knaus Sun i motorhome offers something at a higher level.

4. The Kitchen Includes Stainless Steel, A Three-burner Stove, Slate Worktop, 190 Liter Refrigerator And Some Shelves

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So you can easily cook simple and rather complete meals on this motorhome. You don’t need to worry while driving in the city roads and entering the city tunnels.

5. The Central Multi Area Bathroom Gives You A Vanity Sink, A Shower Room And The Domestic Toilet

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6. Hot Water Heating

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This is great as you must see

Luxurious Knaus Sun i motorhome costs about US$109,000. You would never forget having trip on this motorhome. Some say that this Knaus Sun i is a minihome, which means you would not just have sightseeing but also relaxing. All you need are served.

The high price would worth to the features given. You will never get so bored or any pain by driving this luxurious motorhome. Whether having a short trip or going around Europe, whether you need to drive slow or fast, whether you need to spend most of the day at the outdoor or indoor, all would be fine. Would you try this excellent one?



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