6 Which Bedroom Country Style Fits to Your Personality?

If you like bedroom to look more rustic, then you think as a rustic fan. What would you think of? The peeled paint? Wood furniture? Yup, bedroom country style is beyond a vintage or unfinished design, there are a feeling of a warmth inside that makes everyone feeling comfortable.

The bedroom country style is even suitable for modern apartment. You can combine the modern and country style or choose one. To make a right decision, please do some research by looking at some ideas below:

1. Wood Work

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Yes, you cannot deny the beautiful wood work while looking for country style. Start this country journey with all wood bedroom. There are lots of ideas holding the country style, including the handmade carving bed, the built-in bed with bookshelves, and so on. This is super recommended item for your country home.

2. Open Log Cabin

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You should not be too harsh this time. To get the beautiful and fresh look of your log cabin, try to create an open log cabin. The closed walls should be on one or two sides while the others should explore the beauty of logs. Complete the look with the wood furniture, such as the dresser, night stands and of course the bedframe.

3. Rustic Furniture

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The furniture is complete able to change the whole look of your bedroom. Something you should reconsider while choosing the furniture is the color and pattern; the best ones are the horizontal lined pattern and rustic brown. Those become the ultimate characteristics that will never be forgotten. Do you need an additional decoration? Then you can go for the ladder. Place it in the corner and complete the look with beautiful flowers on it. Fantastic!

4. Mediterranean Rustic

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You will easily recognize the rustic look by looking at the wooden headboard. The rustic color is a must, whether for walls and furnishings. For combining the Mediterranean look, the glass doors will be perfectly fit.

5. Full Logs Room

Source: homesandgardens.com

This idea must make you think of the cost of making them real. The idea of exposing the logs may bring the mature effect to the bedroom. Note that this exposed logs need larger bedroom so you won’t feel getting stick in it.

6. Modern Mix

Source: topdom.ru

Some of you may not like 100% rustic look. No problem! There are still ideas to mix and match the bedroom country style with another one, such as modern. The whole bedroom and furniture can be modern but once you add one rustic item, you will get them blend beautifully. Something like a rustic headboard and rustic hanging lamp will be great choice.



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