7 Bedding Style of Bedroom 2020

The bedding style of bedroom may complete the whole look of your bedroom decor. Some bedding ideas was first influenced by some popular decor styles around the world. They might complete the physical appearance and comfort as well.

So, here are some ideas of bedding style of bedroom:

1. Coastal Bedding Idea

Source: bukakado.com

If you have light wood furniture, so this one should be considered. Combine the look with blue or tan cotton or linen. Besides, the sea motifs are great for enhancing the sea features, such as the seahorses, starfish, and so on.

2. Vintage Bedding Idea

Source: platinusv.com

People start looking everything in this vintage or shabby chic style. It is just like a reminder of sweet moment with your grandma drinking a cup of tea and enjoying the flower vase. You cannot ignore the homey atmosphere with it. This shabby chic style will transform into a dollhouse once you make it too much. All you need is by finding the balance. Go get the combination of feminine touch with the neutral decor. Something like floral patterned sheets, knit throws and the bed pillows are a must.

3. Scandinavian Bedding

Source: accor.chrispommier.com

Some people may not need anything too feminine. They just need a comfortable and lean bed to relax and retreat from the stressful days. And this Scandinavian style would be best choice. You don’t need extra decoration, as the minimalist furniture and bedding is just fine. For creating more accent, one patterned pillow would be okay.

4. French Country Bedding

Source: no.pinterest.com

This style gives you a little more luxury but could be tolerated the level. The patterned pillow shams would be best fit with the sateen sheets. The glam style is got from the neutral wall color and traditional decor.

5. Boho Chic Bedding

Source: Pinterest.com

Having a free spirit does not mean living without any color. To dream high, you need deep sleep. And the bedding affects your mood in an instant. The boho chic bedding is about rich jewel tones, such as magenta and peacock. The hanging tapestries would be great for giving extra hippie flair. Have you been ready dreaming higher?

6. Luxurious Bedding

Source: 33decor.com

The Hollywood glam style was first inspired by the Art Deco movement. While thinking of the luxurious keyword, you might recall something like ultra-plush pillows and blankets made of velvet, faux fur, or even satin.

7. Farmhouse Bedding

Source: parquet-club.com

No one could avoid the charm of this farmhouse style. They come in different stuffs, such as a patchwork quilt, fluffy white comforter, etc.



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