7 Timeless Kitchen Decor Ideas You Never Get Bored

Besides having meal preparation, we seem spend our day in the kitchen. Let alone the family gathering. Most guests may see your kitchen though. All those reasons make us to create comfortable, cozy and trendy kitchen. The kitchen decor ideas must be seen for its beauty and function.

While following the trend might be moving fast, you need to decorate the kitchen according to your own preference and personality. It would save you more money than spending them to remodel the kitchen once the new trend is approaching.

Thus, here are some timeless kitchen decor ideas you could apply:

1. The Backsplash Feature Wall

Source: hellolovelystudio.com

The entire wall of tile began to show its charm this early 2019. And more people show much interest on it. This feature erases the trend of pop of tile above the counter. And, fortunately, this idea suits for any kitchen style, the designers ensure.

2. The Room Dividers Of Glass And Steel

Source: ar.pinterest.com

This transparent room divider is popular in France at first, and spread all over the world. It fits to separate the living room and kitchen area without feeling the room is getting smaller. So, the modern open floor concept is still in catch while the noise and smells of the kitchen stay where they are.

3. Moody Hues

Source: Pinterest.com

The darks colors never get wrong, especially once you mix it up with gold accents, hardware, and fixtures.

4. Bench Seating

Source: rawurth.com

You can add this bench seating as your most favorite kitchen decor ideas ever as it easily turns to a lounge. Furthermore, you can store more stuffs in the drawers underneath, such as blanket, etc. A built-in bench will look great without spending more dollars. It is acceptable to place it in the dining nooks as well as the kitchen.

5. Blush Pink Kitchen Cabinets

Source: nobod.info

This pastel shade is replacing the new neutral one. It has ability to calm the tone down over the bold colors and paints around the kitchen.

6. The Single Accent Wall

Source: c45ualwork999.org

The homeowners may get it back over the last decades ago while there was only single accent wall in the kitchen. It still rules in this era. Just pick one big and remarkable accent and nothing could go wrong.

7. Open Shelving

Source: mykaleidoscope.ru

It is all about the life practical side. Some designers state that this style is about being real, where everyone needs to pick something as quickly as possible. By applying this open shelving, you may face some challenging issues, such as clatter and disorder appliances. So, if you say you won’t get enough time making everything in its place, forget about this style.



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