7 Which Bedroom Style that Fits to Your House in 2020?

Bedroom style affects your mood, don’t you agree? Though you may spend your most day at the office, but having the most comfortable retreat at home must be something worth to get. Getting the right bedroom style means having a personal pleasure without thinking of any pressure and responsibility. Create a bedroom representing your personality. Need a hand of styles fit to yours?

Check them out:

1. Coastal Bedroom

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Everyone must dream of having this nautical-inspired style. The fresh yet calm palette of greens and blues could complement any interior style. Besides using the right palette color, the elements also bring lots of changes. The best elements for this coastal theme are driftwood, glass, seashells and rope. Don’t forget to bring in the real wood for your bedroom furniture. Then it would be awesome bedroom you ever imagine.

2. Scandinavian Bedroom

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The ultimate characteristics of this style are using the soft pastels, neutral tones, minimal decor and simply designed furniture. By applying this decor style, you create a stylish and roomy bedroom. The focal point might be a tapered-leg furniture. For additional decors, you may add the area rugs, throw pillows and faux fur throws.

3. Industrial Bedroom Style

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The main purpose of having this style is for establishing your comfort. By applying this style, you need to create the bed as the focal point. The characteristics of furniture (your bed, to be exact) are metal, brick and cement.

4. Mid Century Modern Style

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A rich tone frame is decorated your bed in a modern way. The colors should be bright and vibrant. You could make them in the geometrically patterned rug, throw pillows and accent chair. This style if perfect for you who love sleek and bright space.

5. Glam Style

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Have you ever watched a Hollywood movie including the glitz of Hollywood penthouse? Then this style describes it best. The shimmering accents and sleek metals will perfectly get along with gold and silver furnishing. Must have items are including the fauz fur throw pillows, a plush shag rug, bronze or brass bed frame, and the bold bedding.

6. Modern Style

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Are you hating such clatter place? Then it is the best style for you to stay. You don’t need small and detail decor and furniture. The characteristics are laid on the elements made from leather, glass and the shiny metals.

7. Shabby Chic Style

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Some people may call this style as doll house style. The most common color scheme might be cream, white and pearl accents.



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