8 How to Decorate the Bedroom Moroccan Style

Moroccan style is commonly adored in Europe and part of Asia. It creates the mixture of romantic, adventurous and exotic ambiance around. Bedroom Moroccan style needs some authentic decorations, such as:

1. The Hanging Lamps

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Choose the ones made of metal and glass since they create a mysterious lighting like what a morocco style looks best. For creating the massive impact, try choosing less modern ones. Install these hanging lighting around the headboard.

2. Cushions Everywhere

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The bold and bright patterns and colors define the Moroccan best. The floor seating needs cushions combination, starting from the different colors, sizes and shapes. These cushions are not only giving the perfect lazy-ing ala morocco but also the traditional Moroccan vibe. To make it perfect, the throw blankets and rugs or the low ottomans will look great.

3. Embroidered Rugs

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Bedroom Moroccan style is about the details. The rich color embroidered rugs are adding the texture to the floor. The wall hanging rug also looks great for additional decorative.

4. Mosaic Mirrors And Paintings

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There are always decorative items on the wall of Bedroom Moroccan style or any other Middle East style. Whether it is painting, mirror, or image. The most popular wall decor is mosaic mirror as it reflects the lights and unique. Besides purchasing them, you can easily DIY by using the paint, Moroccan-style stencil design, and canvas or watercolor paper.

5. Layered Textiles

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All middle-east theme always shows the layered textiles full of rich colors and textures. For bedroom, you can go with the curtains, throw blankets and pillows.

6. Venetian Plaste

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This Venetian plaster is perfect for creating the authentic Moroccan style. Choose the earthy tone, such as yellow, cream, brown and beige.

7. Warm Colors

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The warm colors represents the cooking spice and desert of Middle East. Try getting the right combination between each colors. For example, if you get reds, orange colors, golds, and yellows; then you might get the cooler turquoise, greens and silver as the accents. On the other hand, if you choose to play with lots of colorful rugs, cushions, and wall hangings; so you need to go for the neutral warm color for the walls.

8. Painted Ceilings

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Consider the ceilings as your another wall. The painted ceiling leave you breathless with its richness. Try applying the same shade of the wall paints. Create the visualization towards the height using the lighter or darker shade of paints.

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