2 Super Easy Tree Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

If a kid is being asked of which craft he likes; he might say the dollar tree Christmas. This craft is remarkable. It represents the cheerful and bright Christmas well. So, there are no reasons to ignore the charm of tree Christmas crafts ideas below. Let’s check them out:

1. The First Idea Is The Paper Plate Christmas Tree

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This is the easiest and best recycled DIY craft for spending your kids’ holiday. All you need are the cardstock papers, liquid watercolor, paper plate, glue and gold glitter. And here the brief steps you may follow:

  • Paint the paper plates green and let them dry. Note: small paper plates are better and choose the green shade of trees (for the paint).
  • Paint the cardstock with blue and purple using watercolor. To add the sparkle, spread the salt all over the wet spots.
  • Create a mini garland using the shimmer stick and beads.
  • Once the cardstock has been dried completely, rub the salt off and you will find natural effect of snow. The additional hill effect can be for from cutting another cardstock and glue them in the bottom of the first painted one.
  • Back to step number one, once it is getting dried, cut each paper into thirds. So it comes three layers and glue them together.
  • Glue the layered trees into the cardstock. And the mini garlands are around each side of trees.
  • For extra effect, the white pom’s and glitters are worth to add. Cut the white pom’s into the size you need and glue them on the cardstock. The glitters are best finishing after all.

2. The Second Tree Christmas Crafts Ideas Come From Another Recycle Materials, Which Are Straws

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This idea is usually called as paper straw Christmas tree. The supplies you need are the scoop sticks, paper straws (green patterns), glue, glitter, ribbon and hot glue. Here are the steps:

  • Cut the straws in some different sizes (from the smallest to the largest).
  • Lay those cut straws on the scoop sticks (layering them from the largest to the smallest) and glue them on it.
  • Place the glitter foam start on the top of your tree and glue it on.
  • After all glues are dried completely, hot glue a ribbon at the back of your tree so you can hang them.

Source: egf.ru

Those tree Christmas crafts ideas are ideal to do with kids. Since this craft using hot glue, you better supervise them.



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