3 Fancy Bathroom Towel Arrangement Ideas

The latest trend of bathroom towel arrangement ideas must be included the open shelving. Most modern people believe that open shelving combined with stylish displays will create smart storage system. One of those things that have been displayed is the towel. Towel arrangement has been the additional decoration for bathroom instead of its functional. Some people may still have tendency to store their towel neatly, but some have developed their definition of towel arrangement become art and decor. Some may choose to roll the towels or creating fancy shape as what we usually see at a hotel.

So, here we go.

1. Elegant Display

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Modern home design usually is about neutral tones, such as black, white and grey. And to cheer up the mood, you can make the towel arrangement as an accent. The colorful towel replaced or rolled between the toiletries sure will catch everyone’s attention. Some items that support this decor might be wicker baskets, small trays, open and closed shelves, etc. This is the definition of modern yet efficient storage system.

2. Ladders

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For modern home, the ladder is not functioned as it used to be, which was for stepping to the higher place. Today, the ladder has most become the fancy decoration fits for modern minimalist home. This ladder is perfect for any size of bathroom as it does not occupy much space. For bathroom towel arrangement ideas using the ladder, you don’t need much effort to do. Simply just put your towel on it. The style of the ladder also matters. They can be fits to the whole bathroom design. Once the bathroom design is farmhouse style, then the vintage ladder will look perfect. Furthermore, the modern bathroom design will look great with the modern polished ladder and colorful towels.

3. Vertical Space

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Towel rack also can be built vertically, or we may call it as floating shelves. The bathroom towel arrangement ideas basically don’t need fancy nor costly shelves, you just need to arrange in proportional way so it looks beautiful and aesthetic. The color of vertical space also needs special attention. The smaller bathroom should not have bold shelves colours, except for giving accent.

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Besides all those three ideas, some bathroom towel arrangement ideas can be chosen according to the homeowner’s liking. The size of bathroom becomes the most thing to consider, and the next will be the hygiene of the entire bathroom.

So, which one do you prefer for your bathroom?



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