4 The Modern Bathroom Vanity Plans Woodworking 2020

The vanity is the ultimate feature in the bathroom. Some may call it as a focal point that influences the whole look of your bathroom. For modern look, the bathroom vanity plans woodworking will suit best. Choosing the bathroom vanity is an optional. But to have more stylish design, the custom-made one will be the best choice.

Let us show you some ideas of custom-made bathroom vanity plans woodworking:

1. The Floating Vanity

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This type of bathroom vanity will give you extra larger, more airy and more spacious look. There are even countless advantages by having this floating one, such as easy to clean, add the LED light, and so on. So, you can get them customized, for both its decor and glow effect.

2. The Shelf Vanity

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This type represents the modern aspect so much, which is very practical. A thick wooden counter is needed along with the bottom storage that you can use as the towel storage.

3. Wood Vanity

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Once you love the sophisticated yet elegant look, the live edge counter has no doubt to be chosen. By having this one, you are able to create the design meets your preference. But for good, the design should be simple since the materials speak louder.

4. Wall-mounted Vanity

Source: thebestwoodfurniture.com

Though it looks less strength but it is still able to store more. The practical design will make your bathroom more spacious. Choose the hidden system of the drawer pulls to give aesthetic of modern design.

Choosing the right bathroom vanity plans woodworking means you need to work with the walls as well. You need to keep the wall and bathroom vanity match to each other. By all means, this will avoid getting too bold and boring. The mosaic colors can be the make sense choice of wall.

Besides providing the right wooden bathroom vanity, you should consider other elements in the modern design, such as:

  • Decide the number of sink. Whether you need to accommodate one or two sinks, they must be installed right. If you are choosing two sinks, put them in the spots you desire and use the rest of its surface as a storage. Remember that the vanity is wide enough so you don’t need occupying any floor space.
  • Simple is everything. Modern design always refers to the simple of living. Create the compact storage cabinet by adding the counter holding the sinks.
  • Material matters. The reasons choosing the bathroom vanity plans woodworking are due to its warm feeling and nice texture. The color of wooden vanity can be highlighted through any stylish light.

Mirror framed. The design of mirror and its frames should be matched to the vanity. The wood frame and vanity will create such an elegant and classy look.



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