5 The Secret of Dining Table Arrangement

You will never let your dining table unset while having any occassion. The dining table arrangement is not only applicable for dining table but also for breakfast bar, coffee table, kitchen counter or outdoor patio. It means you never get wrong by learning and setting up the dining table arrangement.

Here are some secrets to keep your table stylish:

1. China And Glassware

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Sometimes the mismatched theme looks more elegant than ever and it rules out the china and glasses arrangements. While setting up your china, start with a dinner plate first, and the next will be a salad plate and a bowl at the top. While the decorative papers or simple wreaths are great put under the plates. Thus the silverware will look stylish by tying them together with the ribbon. Nature-inspired china arrangement rocks your table already!

2. Table Linens

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The linen choice also influence the your dining table appearance. Invest various linens in different colors, patterns and textures. The essentials you need to invest in your storage box are table runners, tablecloths, napkins and placemats.

3. This Is Essential As A Focal Point

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So, it provides the theme of your dining table. Note that a centerpiece should be low and narrow. The tall and large one will make you (or other people) hard to see another across the table. Besides, having too large centerpiece just crowds your table setting and lost its beauty. The secret of proportional centerpiece is a minimum of 14 inches on each side. Some essentials used as centerpieces are twigs, flowers, river rocks, crystals, and candleholders.

4. Decorative Items

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Aside from above essentials, this is is rather personal. The decorative item is chosen based on personal preference and it makes your dining table unique and shows your personality and liking. Some ideas you can follow including the unusual napkin rings, colorful vases, bird figurines, small Christmas trees, pumpkins, greenery, small bundles of herbs or flowers, etc.

5. Candles

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While thinking of the dining table arrangement, the candles can be a short cut to get a bold table setting. Plenty of candles provide warm glow to the surroundings. It is better to choose the unscented one so the aroma of the food won’t be faded away. Another option is the battery-operated candle as it is super practical and less effort.

All those secrets are not only for dining table arrangement, but also for other surfaces for providing meals or gathering.



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