5 Tips to Consider While Creating The Bathroom Floor Plans

Bathroom floor plans is the determinant of the right bathroom design. Remodeling or building a bathroom does not about having a place to cleanse up. Furthermore, there are lots of things should be considered carefully. To help you out of this issue of bathroom floor plans, read the following tips briefly:

1. Be Functional

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This is the key. Whatever the bathroom you need to make, whatever the design is, whatever the size is, as long as you have proper function, then all is fine. The questions following are who will use the bathroom; when they will use it and how they will use it. Take those three questions as consideration. Once hiring a professional designer, keep these questions in hand and inform him/ her. You will see how powerful they will be.

2. Possibilities Of Arrangement

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You don’t need all stuffs kept in the small bathroom. Unlike kitchen floor plan with its triangle work space, bathroom does not have specific rule nor principle. The arrangements are decided according to the owner’s preference and the size of the room itself. The plumbing system needs to be considered first as it costs the highest.

3. Follow The Basic Codes

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The International Residential Code (IRC) states that the centerline of a toilet should be at least 15 inches from any other wall, bath fixtures, and others. When it comes to remodel or build your bathroom floor plans, try consulting every code rules in your country.

4. Be Universal

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The universal design usually requires roomier floor plans. The common characteristics of universal design are wider doorways, curb less showers and also taller toilets. Building the universal design for your bathroom means great investment for your future. At first, it may be rather costly but you will get them easy to remodel. Whatever the style or decoration you want to put, the universal floorplan can be adjusted easily.

5. The Right Lighting

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This is another important art of a home, especially bathroom. Together with the plumbing system, the lighting plan also needs to be counted well. They include the ambient, task, accent and decorative. All of these four things should be fulfilled.

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Bathroom floor plans commonly should be handled by professional as they have capability to measure every little thing according to your needs and budget. That is why you need to be cooperative and outspoken of what you really need. Remember those three questions above about who, what and when. Good luck!



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