6 Bathroom layouts long Narrow From The Experts

Having a small bathroom does not mean having nothing to do with it. The functional space becomes the ultimate key of arranging the bathroom layouts long narrow. Due to its limited space, every spot matters. The arrangement can be challenging, such as arranging the sanitary ware and the how to create wider effect.

To help you out from mistakes, here are some tips from the experts:

1. Change The Layout

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Having the narrow bathroom should avoid placing the things all over the bathroom. So, you need to place your basin and toilet on the same wall. By applying this arrangement, you will get the opposite wall look empty, which means look bigger. Note that before planning to place the layout, decide where to install the biggest items, such as sink, and the bath or shower. Tips: install the tub or shower in the farthest end to create larger effect.

2. Increase Your Footprint

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For the bathroom layouts long narrow, a toilet with a short projection is a must, such as the wall-hung toilet and basin. They need less space though. Note that you need to increase your space’s footprint so it will be easier for you to walk around.

3. Slim Line

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No need to doubt that the slim furniture set fits best for narrow layout. Mention the classic design of basin as a great choice. They provide space-saving solution with losing their ultimate functions. The fitted cabinet is being the next thing to consider.

4. Mirror

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Mirror always works best for creating the optical illusion. They reflect the light to create larger and airier space. Optimize using the mirror tricks by installing mirror at the opposite ends of the room. This mirror trick works best for bathroom without windows or with limited direct sunlight. Another trick is by adding a large centerpiece mirror.

5. Build The Illusion of Space

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This is about applying the right color of your walls and the bathroom decor. For bathroom layouts long narrow, it is prefer the lighter colour tones, such as yellow, creams, whites, and other neutral colours. Besides having them applied on the wall and ceiling, either the furniture. It is allowed to add the bold colours, as an accent.

6. Tidy Up The Clutter

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Having the tidy bathroom will make it look bigger and cleaner. Provide some cabinetries to store the cosmetics, toiletries and towels. The proper planning and storage system save your time more than you can ever imagine.



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