6 Non-Floral Christmas Dining Table Arrangement Ideas

Special moment needs special arrangement. Talking about the dining table arrangement, every homeowner must have different perspective. But talking about the special moment, let mention Christmas, the best dining table arrangement should be provided. Thus it needs to be applied fulfilled the entertaining aspects. The Christmas night is a night to gather around with family and enjoy the holiday recipes.

Just for information, arranging the dining table for special moment does not need to be expensive, difficult, nor time consuming. We will try getting all elements that are easy to get and put one another. For special moment, some people may not only see the decoration but also speak to other family members. And this moment is to remember.

To make them clear, here are some dining table arrangement ideas you should know:

1. Winter Wonderland Theme

Source: homesthetics.net

The characteristics of this style are the Scandinavian motifs and colors on the table. The white wooden stars are the center points. Add the white glitter on the wooden shaped-stars using hot glue. And voila! Create some with various sizes, complete the table look with the white candles, earty tone of runner and plates.

2. Classic Color Palette

Source: Pinterest.com

Christmas always refers to bold berries and spiny leaves. Thus, create your dining table arrangement using those color palettes. Besides the pinkies or red runner, the additional decor might be the imitation of spiny leaves and bold berries. Spread them along the table with some DIY leaves and berry themed straws. Perfect!

3. Table Bouquet

Source: sonaeuk.com

You may not have big family or enough time to create something like DIY straws or leaves and berry decor. But you can keep those Christmas feel by bringing the Christmas table bouquests, including the blue thistle and silver dollar eucalyptus in the classic vessels. This style fits for farmhouse style.

4. Retro Dining Table Arrangement

Source: feelitcool.com

The centerpiece of this table is the DIY light bulb that is inspired by the vintage ceramic trees. The colorful and cheerful ambiance is within. This is most suitable for you having some children at home.

5. Red And White Stripes

Source: fi.pinterest.com

This classic yet simple color tone never dies. The red beads can be laid on, beside the small greenery vase. The grosgrain ribbon beautify other items, such as the planter, the runner and the napkins.

6. Woods-inspired

Source: Pinterest.com

Above the table, you will find the large pine cones, fresh greenery and the green-tinted glass. You will forever be grateful of it by adding the hand-painted napkins. This is absolutely beautiful and deep.



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